Amazing Spider-Man (1963 1st Series) #096

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From May 1971

This classic issue is the first of three that were not approved by the Comics Code Authority because of the (anti-)drug themed story. (Not that the Comics Code was pro-drug, of course. It's just that back then, comics couldn't mention drugs at all, even negatively.) Stan Lee published the stories anyway, which eventually led to a major revision in the code, allowing for anti-drug stories, plus other various things such as horror comics and vampires. (That's why there were suddenly tons of horror and mystery comics in the early seventies, shortly after the revision went into effect.) Anyway, back to the Spider-Man story at hand: the Green Goblin returns to annoy Spider-Man in "And Now, the Goblin." Script by Stan Lee, pencils by Gil Kane, and inks by Frank Giacoia. Kane cover. Reprinted in Marvel Tales # 77 and 191.

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