Amazing Spider-Man (1963 1st Series) #140

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From January 1975

"...And One Will Fall" Part 2 of 2. Script by Gerry Conway. Pencils by Ross Andru. Inks by Frank Giacoia and Dave Hunt (backgrounds). Cover by Gil Kane and Mike Esposito. The conniving Jackal lures the wall-crawler's alter-ego into an ambush at Washington Square! And then attaches a metal harness to his arm! The spectacular one's spider powers won't get him out of this jam! It's up to his brainpower! Later on though the web-slinger will call upon all of his speed, strength, and agility to declaw the Grizzly! Origin of the Grizzly. Cameo appearances by Betty Brant, Ned Leeds, Flash Thompson, J. Jonah Jameson, and Glory Grant (first appearance). Flashback cameos by Liz Allan and Joe Robertson. (Notes: The Grizzly returns many years later in Web of Spider-Man 58. This issue contains a full-page ad for the second issue of Marvel Treasury Edition (1974) featuring the Fantastic Four. The letters page includes Marvel Value Stamp series A #75 Morbius by Pablo Marcos. This story was reprinted in Marvel Tales 117.) 32 pages.

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