Amazing Spider-Man (1963 1st Series) #141

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From February 1975

First appearance of the second Mysterio (aka Danny Berkhart) in "The Man's Name Appears to Be...Mysterio!" Part 1 of 2. Script by Gerry Conway. Pencils by Ross Andru. Inks by Frank Giacoia and Dave Hunt (backgrounds). Cover by John Romita. The Amazing Spider-Man decides to take the Spider-Mobile for a spin! But after evading New York's Finest, he accidentally crashes into the Hudson River! Scratch one Spider-Mobile! The mist and fog tricked the web-slinger! The next day when the wall-crawler sees apparitions on his deadly foes including the Green Goblin, Dr. Octopus, and the Molten Man; he realizes that the Master of Illusion has returned! Can Spider-Man stop the madness...before he goes mad himself? Cameo appearances by Mary Jane Watson, Betty Brant, Ned Leeds, Joe Robertson, J. Jonah Jameson, and Professor Miles Warren. (Notes: The web-slinger previously battled the original Mysterio in Amazing Spider-Man 67. The letters page includes Marvel Value Stamp series A #35 Killraven by Herb Trimpe and Frank Giacoia. This story was reprinted in Marvel Tales 118.) 32 pages.

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