Amazing Spider-Man (1963 1st Series) #218

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From Junl 1981

"Eye of the Beholder!" Part 2 of 2. Script by Denny O'Neil. Pencils by John Romita Jr. Inks by Jim Mooney and Al Milgrom. Cover by Frank Miller. In an incredible turn of events, Hydro-Man and the Sandman have merged into a giant mud creature! And now several days later the mud-thing makes its Broadway debut with its girlfriend Sadie Frickett! Even the web-slinger isn't sure what to make of all this! But when the water and sand behemoth goes on a rampage, the spectacular one must bring down the curtain on the whole muddy mess! Cameo appearances by Matt Murdock, Joe Robertson, and J. Jonah Jameson. (Notes: The Sandman returns in Marvel Two-in-One 86 and tries to become one of the good guys. This issue includes a full-page ad for Marvel Treasury Edition 28: Superman and Spider-Man vs. Doctor Doom and the Parasite.)

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