Amazing Spider-Man (1963 1st Series) #249

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From February 1984

"Secrets!" Part 1 of 3. Script by Roger Stern. Art by John Romita Jr. (breakdowns) and Dan Green (finishes). Cover by John Byrne. A mysterious individual is blackmailing the movers and shakers of New York City! And the group of victims includes Harry Osborn and J. Jonah Jameson! At the prestigious century club in Manhattan, the distinguished businessmen assemble to meet their tormentor...the Hobgoblin! The goblin plans to make his prey squirm in their seats! But there happens to be two other men relaxing at the club this afternoon...Mr. Wilson Fisk and Mr. Peter Parker! Perhaps better known as the Kingpin and the Amazing Spider-Man! Wow, is a three-way throw down about to erupt? Retelling of the Green Goblins origin. Cameo appearance by Mary Jane Watson. Flashback cameos by Norman Osborn and the Scorpion. (Note: This three-part story was reprinted in the 1992 trade paperback: The Origin of the Hobgoblin; and the 2011 trade paperback also titled: The Origin of the Hobgoblin.)

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